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David Stern to Players: You are not allowed to even look at the refs


NBA Commissioner David Stern further expounded on his "no talk back" rule on Thursday, following an abnormally high number of technical fouls given out in the past two days.

"You know what?  Don’t even look at the refs," a smug and annoyed Stern said.  "No player is allowed to look at a ref anymore."

The new rule was evident in Detroit Pistons’ opening night when forward Rasheed Wallace was called for a foul late in the first quarter. When he reacted with his mouth agape in disbelief and his arms out at his sides, official Ken Mauer whistled him for a technical.  After ejecting Wallace, Mauer strutted away and then broke into the Mertin Hanks chicken dance. 

Sources at The Sports Hernia learned that Stern thought up the new rule after becoming impressed with Randy Johnson’s "Don’t talk back to me" Condor Rant in New York.

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