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Playoffs said to be underway in rumored underground soccer league “the MLS”

HOUSTON, TX — In what is most likely just an elaborate college prank, rumblings out of Texas are that a playoff tournament has already begun and a championship game is imminent in a rumored underground pro soccer league known as "the MLS". The SportsHernia cannot confirm or deny the existence of the league, but was able to find one picture (shown here) of two supposed players from it. Whether the photo is authentic or just a skillful photoshop job is up to the reader to decide.

No one knows what two teams will play for this "MLS Cup", but Hernia sources have uncovered the following team names on the internet which may be possible candidates: the South Dakota Shinguards, the Boise Ballpounders, the Denver Free Kicks and the New York Ironic Mullets.

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