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Strahan’s egg-roll chomping rant

Giants defensive end Michael Strahan delivered a hilarious, tension filled rant on Wednesday afternoon directed at female ESPN reporter, Kelly Naqi. What you didn’t see, however, is that after cameras stopped rolling the normally happy-go-lucky teddy bear proceeded to stuff Naqi between his two front teeth in a grizzly display, causing a suddenly pale NY Post reporter, Steve Serby, to collapse and faint.

Strahan then went on to practice with the beleagured reporter wedged between his teeth for almost 2 hours before paramedics arrived.

Note: We especially enjoyed watching him devour that egg-roll at the beginning of the video. Outstanding.

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  1. Coupons Chick

    February 9, 2009 at 4:25 pm

    Thank goodness Kelly is ok.

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