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MLS wisely ships only marketable player to Utah

In yet another savvy marketing move, the MLS has traded it’s most marketable player, Freddy Adu, to the giant media hub of Salt Lake City, Utah. The league, which has expanded its fan base by 4 people since it’s inception roughly ten years ago, shrewdly decided against moving Adu to a big city that actually follows soccer (like say New York, Chicago or Los Angeles) and opted for the hustling and bustling soccer hotbed of Utah.

While Salt Lake City is obviously known for its huge minority sports fan base, some skeptics say a city with a population over 7,000 may have been a better fit for the country’s budding soccer star. That being said, Freddy can look forward to being mistaken for a Utah Jazz ballboy at least 7 times a day.

Notes: The MLS has indeed confirmed a deal with Outback Steakhouse to hold their next 10 entry drafts at their Sheboygan location (as predicted by the SportsHernia months ago)

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