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ESPN surprisingly kills awful show


Bristol, Connecticut gave us its finest news in weeks yesterday announcing cancellation of the unmitigated disaster known as Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith. This is an actual quote from Chris LaPlaca, ESPN’s senior VP of communications:

"The end result of this is that he (Smith) is going nowhere."

Oh, what sweeeeet irony.

Let’s hope Around the Horn, Cold Pizza, and the rest of their shitty shows aren’t far behind. Quite frankly, most of their programming sucks.

With the demise of Stephen A. Ludicrus, several unique industries took direct hits upon news of the show’s cancellation:

  • Earplugs market shifts back to landing instructors and jackhammer operators
  • Bose "Noise Canceling" headphones seeing instant sales dive of 46%
  • Soundproof room rentals no longer sweeping the nation
  • ESPN now only receiving 143 angry phone calls an hour