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Surgeon “pulling out all the stops” to help Barbaro (actual headline)

Barbaro_pool_horse This is the actual lead to an article on

Doctors were "pulling out all the stops" to save Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro, who suffered a significant setback in his recovery from laminitis after months of upbeat reports.

I have one stop the doctors should pull out — get a fucking bazooka, Uzi, machete and 50 grenades, and go Commando on its ass. That would be all the "necessary" stops the doctors should be pulling.  It is a lame, useless animal; kill the fucker already.

"It’s sad that’s he’s had a setback because he was marching along toward living outside the hospital…. the only thing we care about is that he’s not in pain."

HE IS IN A HOSPITAL!  We have HUMANS who are dying because they can’t receive proper medical care and Barbaro is in a hospital. This world is fucked up, fucking horse lovers, get over it, another Barbaro will be along this spring, ass-rabbits.

For the last time Barbaro, FU!


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