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The FU Corner makes some New Year resolutions…

Fu_corner In 2007 I will pledge to do the following things:

1. I will not give an enormous fuck you to Barry Bonds if he passes Hank Aaron?s record, I might even congratulate him. He worked very hard keeping his body juiced to the nines with steroids, and he will deserve this great honor.

2. I will not drop a fuck you to Isiah Thomas when he leads the Knicks to three wins in the month of January and I will certainly not give James Dolan a fuck you either for ruining one of the most storied franchises in NBA history, that would just be wrong of me. There is no reason for me to get upset about the Knicks payroll being the same as the Red Sox (with half the players on the roster) and being the laughing stock of the NBA.

3. When Notre Dame gets smoked in the Sugar Bowl by LSU I will… (click here to continue reading)


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