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The Hernia unveils Super Bowl subplots

Joe_klecko With ridiculous puff pieces and endless analysis expected on Peyton exorcising his A-Rod/Marino demons, the Hernia sleuth unveiled a list of storylines, rumors, and possibilities the media will least likely swarm to like rats on speed, but are bubbling under the surface heading into Super Bowl Week, er Weeks:

  • NFL/FBI/ATF allow Tank Johnson to travel to Miami but only in actual Tank; will Madden be riding shotgun?
  • Bears extremely confident despite having nerd from Summer School at starting QB
  • Paula Abdul rumored to be sitting in Brian Griese’s specially reserved "drunk box"
  • Kicker Robbie Gould in MTV’s South Beach Undercover
  • Joe and Dan Klecko’s steel cage happy hour with Tackleberry
  • Eli assigned to carry Peyton’s ego in Miami; Archie assigned to carry Eli’s Legos
  • Dallas Clark – great post-season tight end or Dukes of Hazard extra?
  • Bill Belichick – attending the game, partying in Vegas, or in Paris seeking expensive gray sweatshirts with fellow fashion whore Bill Parcells?
  • Will Urlacher reunite with his father, Ram-man?
  • Will Stuart Scott awkwardly fist-bump the hell out of Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith, or will he break out the ass-bump?
  • Will Michael Irvin finally snort a hash-mark?
  • Will CBS hopefully replace Jim Nantz with the great Jim Mora Sr. at the last minute?

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  1. Tiki Whitestrips

    January 23, 2007 at 10:40 pm

    I hope I get some face time, or some ass time, or some ass time to get me some face time.

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