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Breaking News: Jeter gave back BFF bracelet ‘years ago’

Yankee camp was rocked again this morning when Alex Rodriguez revealed that Jeter had in fact given back A-Rod’s BFF bracelet "years ago".

"Look fellas, I am only going to address this once, Derek and I are not best friends anymore, he gave back his BFF bracelet to me a long time ago," revealed the purple-lipped slugger to a group of 40-year old men who claimed to be reporters. "I haven’t been invited to a sleep over at the Jeter house in years and yes, I am jealous that Posada is getting all of his attention."

Arodsized As A-Rod continued to say that their relationship is still good, but not what is once was, it was clear he misses those days with his BFF and wants them back badly. "I mean, I miss those days when we played Blades of Steel, ping pong, and army all day, but that is the past.  I am still friends with him, sometimes we have lunch together in the cafeteria, I cheer for him when he is at the plate, and the other day he picked me first in a pick-up basketball game.  It is not what it once was, but things happen, you meet new people, change teams a few times to chase some money, and get married. I am fine with it.  That is all I am going to say on this."

When Joe Torre was asked about the two superstars relationship, he simply replied, "A-Rod has to get over it,  even Jeter and I have drifted apart since we stopped going to swingers clubs together."

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