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Latrell Sprewell somehow named to All-Star team


Due to a rash of injuries, Latrell Sprewell was somehow named to represent the West in this weekend?s NBA All-Star game.

This year?s game, which will brilliantly be held in Las Vegas, will lack such stars as Steve Nash, Allen Iverson, and most likely Jason Kidd, because of injuries.

After naming Ray Allen and Mehmet Okur to the West?s squad as replacements, Commissioner David Stern threw caution to the wind and called for Sprewell too.

?I thought ?Hey, I kind of miss that guy. Why not? Gimme some Spree,?? the uber-smug Stern said.

Sprewell, who was on the set of ?Predator III,? immediately flew to Vegas upon hearing the good news, poised to dunk on someone?s head or choke someone out.

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  1. BothTeamsPlayedHard

    February 14, 2007 at 12:01 am

    I think the question now on everybody’s minds is “Does he have an ‘All Star Appearance’ incentive clause written into his Predator III contract?” Because unless his agent was savvy enough to get that written into the deal, I’m really worried about how his kids are gonna eat now.

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