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A New Issue of The Sports Hernia is up on the mainpage…


A new issue of the Sports Hernia is UP on the MAIN PAGEInside you will find:

– Hubie Brown going into painstaking, excruciating detail during an instant replay…CLICK HERE

– Legendary perm pioneer Jack Sikma is inducted into the Sports Hernia Hall of Fame…CLICK HERE

– Big Bad Weiss delivers a heartfelt FU to Dick Vitale…CLICK HERE

– An emotional Mark Messier is enshrined into the Bone Zone Hall of Fame…CLICK HERE

– Manu Ginobili inks a deal with Swiffer…CLICK HERE


Sr. Editor Vice-President Chief Executive Ass-clown,

Gerrard Sir Hornypants


  1. marv

    February 28, 2007 at 8:50 pm

    Seriously, was Siikma a real person?

  2. Ricky - Sixers4guidos

    March 1, 2007 at 4:56 am

    “Member of the original “Pussy Posse” (founded with Fred Roberts & Brad Lohaus)”

    Excellent. I loved the Sikma article, even if Manute is still #1 in my list. But I’m biased, I admit

    I really love your comments about those guys’ hair, I also have a passion for people’s heads and enjoy watching perms and funny haircuts

    among current players I’d like to mention Kyle Korver, Steve Nash, Darko (when he had that bleachy head… like he wasn’t ugly enough…).

    oh and Radman… but he’s a class on his own of course

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