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Pierce sent home with swollen elbow, shrinking head

The bizarre Paul Pierce saga continued today as the Celtics decided to send their star guard home due to a bothersome swollen elbow and an even more troubling shrinking head. After chants of "BeetlePierce! BeetlePierce!" broke out at a recent home game, coupled with Howard Stern fanatics harassing him for autographs and inquiring about other members of The Wack Pack, team officials finally decided enough was enough. While no medical conclusion has been drawn, it’s certainly clear something is up with BeetlePierce and his rapidly shrinking head.

Also, according to an unidentified source within the Pacers organization, Anthony Johnson suffered the same unexplained "Beetlejuice" ailment last year forcing him to miss some time.

Going into tonight’s game, the Celtics have gone on a heartfelt, emotionally inspired 2-20 streak since Pierce went out in December.