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Vladimir Radmanovic: 3-Point sniper, human chameleon, emerging comedic FORCE…

Deep within the haze of Los Angeles and amidst the stars, a mystery lurks.  A human riddle with no answer. A lost soul searching for a home.  A tall guy….from Serbia.  His name is Vladimir Radmanovic.  The Lakers? deep threat and hairy chameleon who is teetering on the edge of becoming the preeminent comedic force in the NBA, and simultaneously making a case for a future induction into the SportsHernia Hall of Fame.  Let us look at the evolution of this hoops mystery man, as he emerged from the shadows of Europe and into Youtube.

The Male Figure Skater Phase
We start with what looks to be a picture from one of those ClassmateFinder ads.  RadMan is a wide-eyed pup here, sporting that classic 1980’s figure skater hair. But look beneath the surface and there is a hint of that kid you used to know in college that seemed normal enough, but then one night you come home and he’s high on acid and peeing all over the girl’s wing while singing a Doors song.

The Cobra Phase
"Hey, dirtbag…You’re a lousy shot…I don’t like lousy shots."  I’m assuming they had to tear the aviator glasses off Rad’s face to take this picture.  A dramatic departure for Vladimir here. He is playing for keeps at this point with a beard that clearly states "I will crap down your throat to get to the NBA, get out of my way assface". 

The Schoolboy Phase
RadMan makes it to the NBA and apparently gets neutered.  He shaves the Cobra beard and starts getting his haircut from the guy who cut my hair in the mall from 4th to 7th grade.

The Dumb and Dumber Phase
Vladimir becomes the first NBA player to not get laid on a road trip since A.C. Green and Kurt Rambis shortly after acquiring the Dumb & Dumber look.  Not his best moment.

The Wolfman Phase
The RadMan returns to the beard and proceeds to scare the crap out of NBA fans and players everywhere by literally looking like a werewolf.

Looking back, it was a desperate scream for help.  But at the time, Radmanovic’s white man braids rocked the sports and fashion worlds and put him on the comedic map for good.  Sadly, the look was short-lived but it remains one of the most influential hairstyles ever, with an estimated 6 other people copying it across the world.

The Wham! Phase
Quite possibly the greatest photograph ever taken, the RadMan is shown here just moments after being told the locker room showers only had PertPlus to wash his hair with I presume.  Clearly shaken, the courageous duo of Jerome James and Danny Fortson carry off the 6’10 Radmanovic and debate whether or not to eat him.  (Sidenote:  Have you ever seen those absurdly large NBA warmups in stores and wonder who actually wears them? Well, Danny Fotson does.  That tag reads a mindboggling 4XL)

The Miami Drug Dealer Phase
Shortly after signing with the Lakers, Radmanovic’s next metamorphasis was into Manny from Scarface.

The Dancing "Footloose" Caveman Phase (current)
Perhaps his masterpiece, Radmanovic has stunned us all with his breathtaking hairy caveman "Footloose" look. 

Fortunately for us, the RadMan has outdone himself by adding dance moves to his new look.


Dance #1

Dance #2

Clearly a big improvement from his early dancing days

Let us hope this is just the beginning…