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Brady & Stallworth: BFF’s?


(FOXBORO, MA)– Sources out of Patriots camp are reporting that Tom Brady and newly acquired WR Donte Stallworth may indeed be BFF’s.  While the report hasn’t been confirmed yet,’s Peter King added more fuel to the fire with this juicy tidbit in his MMQB article:


3. I think these are the interesting tidbits from my conversation with Drew Rosenhaus on Sunday night:

b. He said, "Directly and indirectly, Tom Brady had an awful lot to do with Donte’ Stallworth signing with the Patriots. They were text-messaging each other constantly. They’re going to have a tremendous relationship. They’re both really excited about working together.”


The crafty SportsHernia mole acquired a transcript of a text-message conversation between Brady and Stallworth that occured before the signing:

TB: hey, its tom. so, do you wanna catch my balls next

DS: what kinda balls are you talking about? LOL

TB: OMG. LOL. that is NOT what i meant!!

DS: Suure. U r sooo bad TB. LOL

TB: whateva. u no wat i mean.

DS: I’ll think about it. whats in it 4 me?

TB: You’ll see

DS: Oooo. Do tell

TB: (Picture Message of Brady’s penis)

DS: Looks great

TB: So I hear

DS: Hey, if we win a trophy, promise to wear a hat & dance strangely gay with me

TB: U have a deal

DS: Just don?t get me prego. LOL

TB: OMG!! Dont even go there!! LOL

DS: JK. TTYL big boy


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