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Famous Error Cards of the Past

The news of Topps’ Derek Jeter error card has rocked the world of nerds and geeks everywhere, but it’s hardly the first time a mistake or prank has made its way past the proofreaders. Here is a look back at some of the more famous errors in sports card history:

The Billy Bean "I Heart Dudes" Card

The gay cousin of Billy Ripken?s notorious ?Fuck Face? card, this beauty was fortunately caught before mass printing, making it extremely rare, and hilarious. No word on whatever happened to the bat.

Estimated value: 35 cents

The Future Juicers Card

The extremely rare and short-lived ?Future Juicers? series by Topps was controversial from the start, with production halting after only one run of 2,000. This gem proved to be quite prescient. And those late 80’s mustaches proved to be quite greasy.

Estimated Value: $18,250,000.00 (or 1/1,000 the total salary of these assbags)

The Chipper Jones Error Card

Another gigantic Topps blunder. To this day, no one knows how Bobby Cox got swapped in for Chipper Jones. Somebody got canned for this one.

Estimated value: $5,000

The Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer Card

This glaring error was caught immediately as legendary 3rd base prospect Keyrock (or Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer) was mistakenly listed as a catcher. While the card still holds value, one can only imagine how much it would be worth if Keyrock didn?t tear up his knee and become the greatest lawyer in American history.

Estimated value: $34,000

The Dikembe Mutumbo "Short Shorts" Debacle

Following a few horrifying Mutumbo ?wang-slips? in the pre-season, David Stern immediately ended the "Short Shorts" era in the NBA (see 1990), finally relenting to player and fan wishes (with the exception of John Stockton) by ordering emergency sets of long shorts for every team. This photo (the blacked out version), was clearly taken in the pre-season and is the last known photo taken from that dubious era.

Estimated value (blacked out version): $100,000
Estimated value (non-blacked out version): $3