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A brief look at some of this weeks top stories with a few Hernia notes…

Holyfield unsure why he’s linked to steroid probe
-Also unsure of his birthplace, age, name and gender

Griffey appears headed to right field
-Right field says it’s ‘honored’ to be future spot of Griffey’s next pull or strain

Pro wrestlers allegedly linked to steroid ring
-Sun possibly linked to Earth?s warmth

Four overtimes needed to settle NAIA semifinal
-Four hours needed to figure out what ?NAIA? is

Porter accused of punching Bengals’ Jones
-Roger Goodell upset it wasn?t Titans’ Jones

For record-setting Mike Modano, his game has never been about numbers.
-It?s always been about his hair

Judge scolds Strahan for not paying ex-wife
-Then makes fun of him for marrying that she-beast

Yanks Igawa may get sent down
-Confesses sight of Yanks emerging Wang ?intimidating?

MLS icon Cobi Jones to retire at end of year
-Term ?Icon? officially meaningless

Hoyas recruit carries confidence, energy of Iverson
-Sweat of Ewing, broomstick of Victor Page, subtlety of Mutombo, dance moves of Boomtje-Boomtje

Waltrip trying to salvage nightmarish season
-with crowd-pleasing mullet-hair tailfin

Thanks to Emmitt Smith, dancing is breaking out all over
-and thanks to Joe Namath, herpes breaking out all over

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