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Lending a helping hand to Jemele Hill

Jemele_hill_2In regard to a wonderful article today by Jemele Hill on Kobe and MJ (which was first touched on by YAYsports!) we felt the need to highlight a few points that Jemele tossed out to readers, as well as add our own.

Like this part (referring to Kobe):

"Hasn’t had a bigger economic impact. Hasn’t won more MVPs. Hasn’t won more titles."
— This part is spot on. Couldn’t agree more. But we can only assume here that this esteemed writer from simply forgot a few important nuggets. Like these:

  • Also hasn’t averaged as many points, assists, steals, or rebounds (Jordan’s numbers trump him in every category)
  • Isn’t a better passer
  • Never won shit without a center
  • Lays down like a bitch when the end is near (see entire Finals vs. Pistons 2004; Game 7 vs. Suns 2006)
  • Pusses out of dunk contests
  • Sucks at gambling
  • Doesn’t hang out with Oakley or Barkley

And this part:

"His killer instinct is just as pronounced. And just like Jordan, the more he’s pissed off, the more unstoppable he is."
— Precisely! This gem, which like the rest of the article is backed up with zero facts, would explain the killer instinct Kobe displayed so well last year when his Lakers had their backs against the wall. Oh, wait.

And this part:

"He was just as poor a teammate and a ball hog and that he ran off coach Doug Collins like Kobe ran off Phil Jackson the first time."
— Bad teammate – you said it. Jordan rarely turned a corpse into a contributor. Oh, and Doug Collins. He’s the guy who later emerged as a fantastic coach. The architect behind those dominant Pistons & Wizards dynasties. We can easily see how Doug Collins being run out of town would be compared to Phil Jackson being run out of town.

And lastly, our favorite part:

Jordan_vs_clyde "The NBA is tougher now."
— Ok, f*ck it. Our readers get the point. Jemele, you’ve almost left us speechless with this beauty. Almost. While Kobe was unsuccessful, with Shaq in tow, in stopping the Chauncey Billups-led Pistons, that MJ hack was stuffing chumps like Stockton and Malone, Barkley, Ewing, Drexler, Payton, and countless others back into their collective coffins.

There is an entire roster of Hall of Famers who do not have championship rings because that no-talent boob Jordan got lucky a half-dozen years.