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Pete Rose says he gambled on ‘everything’


After admitting on the Dan Patrick radio show recently that he bet on the Cincinnati Reds to win "every night," so he couldn’t have sent any signals out about his lineup, Pete Rose went on to say that he actually bet on everything.

"You don’t understand, not only did I bet on my team to win every night, I literally bet on everything," Rose told Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann on ESPN Radio.

"From hoops to hockey to cricket, curling and to mud wrestling – everything. I bet on balloon races. And I mean races with birthday balloons. Not like large hot air balloons. I went to the track and bet there. I bet whether I’d make it to the track on time. I bet on whether my hair helmet would move throughout a game. You can see that I had to stop putting money on that but in the day I made pretty good coin on that one. Hell, I even bet on if I’d make it into the Hall of Fame. Took a bit of hit there but I’d say I’ve hedged my bets pretty well. I’d say I’m about even."

Rose also went on to say that he was happy to have a lot of balls (this part is true).