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Sox Fan has Messsage of Encouragement for Disgraced Yankee Exec

GrumpyDorchester, MA – When interviewed for his thoughts on NY Yankee Executive Steve Swindal’s recent problems, Naval veteran Nibsy ‘Iron Head’ O’Malley (and proud Red Sox fan) of Dorchester, Massachusetts has a message for the shamed NY Yankee Exec: keep your head up.

O?Malley was back at his old watering hole, The Blarney Stone after a self imposed absence since St. Patrick’s Day (he blames a ‘sour’ stomach from corned beef and cabbage but bartender Finbar Kelly says the truth may have been a group of ?twenty- somethings? from Wellesley who ruined his day by taunting him to sing ?When Irish Eyes are Smiling?). To get the message out, O’Malley called upon a 12 year old barback and stuffed a cocktail napkin with the straightforward message into his front pocket with specific instructions, "Bust yah’ fahckin’ arse to the post office and get this in the US mail." When asked by a young hipster patron, "Why don’t you just e-mail it, O’Malley?" O’Malley replied curtly not looking up from his drink, "Watch yah’ mouth smaht ass, everyone knows that E-mail is for fruits an’ queers."

?Listen, it kills me to present an ‘ahlive branch to anyone involved with the Yankees," said the husky force from Dorchester. "But this guy Swindal shouldn?t let a little DUI get in his way. It never stawped me or any of thah’ Kennedy?s ? they nevah’ hurt nobody.?

When informed that Swindal had recently been served divorce papers, Nibsy knocked back the rest of his Jamison and water and said, ?Ol? Iron Head here.. I’m on my 3rd battle-axe. Who freagin’ cares? Nawt me.?

More fun with Nibsy ‘Iron Head’ O’Malley

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