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“Just Give me the Damn Pick”

This year’s NFL draft was a little more vocal than usual with the addition of Keyshawn Johnson, who was spouting some serious truths.  Even though he is an accomplished author, Hernia sources had a sneaky suspicion that Johnson was not just expressing his own beliefs. 

With the help of some technology stolen from the Ghostbusters, the Hernia uncovered a shocking photo that tells all.  Keyshawn was taking direction from none other than Casper the Friendly Ghost, which leads us to wonder, how long has Casper been whispering in his ear? 

Is it Casper who really just wants the Damn Ball?

Is it Casper who makes him disappear in the red zone?

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  1. Randy Johnson

    April 30, 2007 at 5:29 pm

    I took a shit once and I swear I saw ghosts fly from it

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