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Our motto on Thad Matta

An intriguing rumor surfaced a couple months ago about the coach of Ohio State and over the weekend we learned that rumor to be true.  THE Ohio State University men’s basketball coach is Thad Matta. That is right, his name is Thad Matta. In light of this news, Hernia reporters wanted to track down other famous or infamous Thad’s in history. This is what we found:

Thad Cochran – U.S. Senator from Mississippi, Republican
He is a politician, so therefore is an upstanding citizen

Thad Cockrell – Singer, musician
and douchebag extraordinaireThad_cockrell_2

Thad Luckinbill – Day Time Soap Star and amazingly huge dickhead
Sidenote: Thad Luckinbill?!?!?

Thad Starner – Director of the Contextual Computing Group and full-time creep

The lesson learned here? Unless you are 100% positive your kid will be coaching in the NCAA championship game, DO NOT name your child Thad, things can go seriously wrong.


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