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Top 10 reasons Colin Cowherd is FANtastic

Since Colin Cowherd has forced us to create a ‘Douche Receptacle of the
Week’ award, we thought we’d tip our hat to him with a Top 10 list of
what makes him so freakin’ fantastic:

10. His glorious natural hair
9. Happily credits his sources
8. Act remains fresh and hip, like the Dice Man
7. Shows no acrimony towards highly paid athletes
6. Dildo microphone remains prominent on top of his mantel
5. Name doesn’t TOTALLY or TRULY rhyme with Coward, it just looks that way
4. Took home three "Douchie’s" at this years ESPNd awards
3. Gives himself daily frappuccino enemas
2. Is regularly mistaken on the streets for UBER-Stud Jim Brewer
1. Looks like a stretched-out hedgehog strung out on Meth

and one more for the hell of it…

Real name is actually Cologne Cowshit


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