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What was Brady Quinn actually doing while sequestered in Goodell’s quarters?

The big story coming out of draft weekend wasn’t so much Brady Quinn sliding to the Browns at #22, it was what the young panty chewing, cans juggler was doing in Goodell’s quarters that interested the masses.

After a quick Hernia focus group, these were the most popular guesses people came up with:

– writing in his diary
– reading Goodell’s diary
– teaching Jamarcus Russell how to read
– listening to his sister go on about how her husband was picked earlier
– asking Charlie Weis if this is what happened to Tom Brady
– asking his mom if this is the same place they saw the Christmas Spectacular
– texting "Prior sucks" to buddy Jeff Samardzija
– texting obscene pictures to Sean Salisbury
– playing Guitar Hero II
– jumping on a pogo ball
– laughing about the mobs of sweet ass that will be attacking him tonight

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