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Everyone in the sports world would like to extend their apologies


With high-profile apologies coming recently from Curt Shilling,
Michael Vick, David Wells and others, The Sports Hernia thought it
would be fair to let you know of other apologies that haven’t yet made


Artest apologizes for applying to Circuit City instead of Best Buy
Kansas City Royals apologize for being the Kansas City Royals
Devil Rays apologize for everything
Pete Rose apologizes for not betting on Barbaro
Men’s tennis apologizes for being boring as shit
Jimmy the Greek apologizes for apologizing
Hulk Hogan apologizes for only putting 80% into Hollywood Hogan
Ted DiBiase apologizes for finding Jesus and then suplexing him
John Stockton apologizes for his shorts
Beano Cooke apologizes for stalking Ron Powlus
U.S. National team apologizes for showing up in Germany
Deion Sanders apologizes for persona no. 9, whatever that persona is
Mr. Fuji apologizes to everyone he spit his green mist at
Earthquake apologizes for stuffing his disgusting body in those royal blue trunks
Pietrus apologies to Stephen Jackson farting all the time
Mickelson’s dude-boobs apologize to his shirt sponsors
Colin Cowherd’s insecurity apologizes to blogosphere
Jason Giambi apologizes for not saying ‘steroids’ during his apology
Curt Schilling apologizes for typing 300,000 word posts about himself on his blog
Barry Bonds apologizes for posting inappropriate comments as ’38sBloodyTampon’on Curt’s blog
Diego Maradonna apologizes for the pound of coke he sniffed before his "hand of God" goal
Wilt Chamberlain apologizes to woman no. 11,247, he really didn’t want it to end that way
Danny Ainge apologizes for trading 1st round pick for rights to Shawn Livingston
Isaiah apologizes for Bulls Selection of Kevin Durant and Eddy Curry’s rebounding totals
John Clayton, Hubie Brown, Dick Stockton and 75% of the broadcasting field apologize to HD viewers
Ric Flair DOESN’T apologize for boning your wife.  WOOOOOOO!

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