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Interleague ‘grudge match’ weekend preview

With Interleague play starting this weekend, the Sports Hernia takes an in-depth look at some of the insanely intense and interesting rivalries that have heated up over the past few years…

Weinermobile Royals vs. Rockies

Aside from Gil Meche and Jeff Francis, does anyone know anyone on these pitching staffs? Does anyone know anyone in the starting line-ups? Does anyone know which team’s bus is the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile? Does anyone care? No need to worry, the Rockies and Royals face off on the moon tonight, first team to 100 wins.

Phillies vs. Blue Jays
Mitch_williams_game_6_worldseries_3 The Phils and Jays lock horns in the friendly city of brotherly love to relive those fond memories of the 1993 World Series. The fan engaging festivities kick off tonight with Mitch Williams being buried alive in the pitchers mound, followed by  a steel cage battle royal between Vince Papale, Jim Fregosi, Jim Lynam and notorious Philly heel, Harold Katz. This undoubtedly has to be the series of the weekend, the 14 hour drive between cities can’t cool this contest, on second thought, don’t these towns have hockey teams that can play each other instead?

Pirates vs. Diamondbacks
Another interleague grudge match that has the potential to…. oh, wait, this isn’t even interleague play, this is just two shitty, irrelevant NL teams that were forced to play each other because they ran out of AL teams. Great. Look for the Pirates to steal some national attention by playing naked every other inning.

Supercuts_2 Marlins vs. Devil Rays
First person that sends us a snapshot showing that this game was actually televised gets a $5 gift certificate to SuperCuts.

Orioles vs. Nationals
No better way to start your bitter crosstown rivalry than with a Steve Trachsel – Jason Simontacchi pitching duel for the ages. Expect a rare truce for the weekend between Omar Little and Marlo Stanfield as they will both be rocking the orange and black gear.

Astros vs. Rangers
Gotta sympathize with Astros fans here as they will not get a chance to see pitching sensation Vincente Padilla and his remarkably awful disposition. 


  1. Lloyd Christmas

    May 18, 2007 at 7:40 pm

    I don’t know about you fellas, but I’m due for my bowl cut at SuperCuts!

  2. Ron D

    May 19, 2007 at 2:32 pm

    Where’s Rob Dibble?

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