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Nationwide manhunt for Warner Wolf ends on live television


(NEW YORK, NY) — The fear is over.  Warner Wolf's reign of terror finally came to a dramatic end tonight as the crazed feral broadcaster, who escaped nearly 3 months ago, stumbled into a swanky New York sports charity event and was finally taken into custody.

Witnesses say Wolf, clearly desperate and starving for fresh blood, boldly entered the event, sans his pants, and casually started mingling with the crowd, while ominously leering the the room for his prey.  An alert Len Berman, doing a spot for NBC,  immediately grabbed the confused Wolf and put him on camera.  Seconds later, a live TV audience saw Wolf crumble to the ground after being shot by 4 separate tranquilizer guns.

No word yet if the rumors of a possible Skip Bayless escape are true…

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