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Suzyn Waldman has orgasm, takes shit on air

Waldman(NEW YORK, NY) — New York Yankees radio announcer Suzyn Waldman became the first person ever to have an orgasm and simultaneously take a shit on the air yesterday as Roger Clemens was introduced to the New York crowd by Vince McMahon and Mr. Fuji as the newest member of the 2007 Yankees.

Waldman, whose silky-smooth voice is a mix between a shrieking terodactyl slowly drowning into a fiery tar pit and a constipated Axl Rose, is no stranger to climaxing on the air while describing her beloved Yankees (she grew up a Red Sox fan by the way).  But taking a dump was something new for the longtime announcing assclown, unleashing a more guttural, horrifying tone.

(Listen HERE)

"Roger Clemens is in George’s box! Roger Clemens standing right in George Steinbrenner’s box!!"

No word yet if anyone has ever been inside Suzyn Waldman’s box.