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1986: The year we met Slick

Slick In the following video former WWF manager Slick makes his infamous debut. He arrives at the 2:02 second mark and covers a wide variety of interesting topics while a courageous Mean Gene admirably handles the chaos. Below are highlights from the exchange:

  • claims to have more money than an ocean has water
  • claims to have more money than "the clouds are in the sky"
  • tells Mean Gene he has a bowling ball head
  • calls Austrailian people goofy
  • accuses Mean Gene of being an ambassador for the IRS
  • tells Mean Gene he’s a man of renowned "prominis"
  • boldly claims he’s one of the best real estate business men in the world
  • scoffs at rumors he used to "manage girls" in Detroit before he was managing wrestlers
  • vows he’s a man of vast intelligence and renowned dignity
  • says if it wasn’t for the fact that he’s a church member he’d knock Gene out
  • and according to Classy Freddie Blassie, Slick has a lot of friends in Colombia



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