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Avid Hernia reader Woody Paige just following rule 5b of “the Buttslap”


(NEW YORK, NY) — Horny Denver Post writer Woody Paige has reportedly been steaming up the set of Cold Pizza recently and by doing so he seems to have mastered the art of "the Buttslap" quite well during his boner parade.  Based on this telling quote, its pretty obvious the Woodman has been brushing up on his Hernia "Buttslap" commentary, specifically rule 5b.

From the New York Post:

"Paige grabbed her butt so forcefully, Ragone, quite startled, was
propelled forward and into the air," says the suit, which also accuses
Paige of repeatedly rubbing the makeup artist’s back and thighs and
stroking her hair.

From the Sports Hernia’s rule 5b of "the Buttslap":       

5b. (Optional – only proceed if you have strong back): Bend your legs to lift your teammate off his feet and above your head via his backside.