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Fox’s Rosenthal makes latest pop-up in video game

Ken Rosenthal (right) has been popping up in odd places.

(HERNIA HEADQUARTERS) — Anyone who has seen a baseball game on Fox over the past few years has gotten familiar with Ken Rosenthal’s frequent appearances from the camera pit where the shrunken reporter pops up out of nowhere like an informative little squirrel.  Well Rosenthal, with tiny springs attached to his feet, has begun making pop-ups everywhere, most recently on a "Whack-A-Mole" video game.

"I was just surfing the net and found one of those hammer the mole games," said a lonely Blane Rototiller.  "I was doing OK until that little guy from Fox baseball popped up out of nowhere and started spewing info on A-Rod’s opt out clause.  I was so stunned I just froze, within seconds my game was over."

Rosenthal has also reportedly been spotted popping up in random trunks, toilets, sewers, desk drawers and even popcorn containers.

"I was at the Loews theater watching ‘Knocked Up,’" San Fran pitcher Barry Zito said, "when all of a sudden Rosenthal popped out of my popcorn and asked me about our locker room morale.  Freaked the shit out of me."

This past fall Rosenthal garnered national attention after popping up on the 40-yard line at Giants Stadium, holding Jimmy Hoffa’s left arm like a microphone and expounding on Tiki Barber’s potential broadcasting contract.  He was originally discovered by Fox Sports when he peeked out of the 18th hole at Augusta to give a memorable play-by-play of an exchange between Tiger Woods and his caddy.

Look for him to spring out from the dead rodent attached to Kevin Youkilis’ chin in tonight’s Yankees/Red Sox game.