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A classic All-Star game face-off

It was quite a night for baseball tonight and while difficult to pinpoint the biggest moment of the evening, one has to consider the epic Buck-McCarver face-off that took place right before our eyes.

Here’s a quick recap.


Joe Buck opens the All-Star game in "wooden Zoolander" mode, defiantly hogging entire screen.


Buck, furious at the now shared screen time and refusing to be denied, sticks with reliable "wooden Zoolander face" while a desperate McCarver reaches into his bag of tricks for a rebuttal.


Always quick on the fly, McCarver takes a giant leap over "wooden Zoolander face" and fires back with a death stare for the ages.


McCarver, foolishly thinking Buck approves of his death stare, has no idea that the "evil conspiring joker-ventriloquist" look actually means he’s plotting to eliminate him.


Simply out of gas, an exhausted Buck finally lets one rip while off camera McCarver discusses loudly the positives and negatives of dying his hair fluorescent maroon.