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Jim Mora Jr. is moonlighting as an Ump


Seattle Seahawks assistant head coach and defensive backs coach Jim Mora Jr. is apparently also moonlighting as a baseball umpire, presumably for the extra cash but more likely so he can make overly exaggerated, fist-pumping "you’re out" signals. 

Working first base for the evening in Kansas City for the Royals-Yanks game, his Naked Gun inspired antics were on display early as he called out 16 straight runners at first, including six who hit singles and one who was rounding first after smacking a double.  Mora even attempted a celebratory head-butt with Yankees first base coach Tony Pen? after one of the outs, but was unceremoniously rebuffed.

Judging by Mora’s necklace he’s also been spending A LOT of time at the Jersey Shore this summer.