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Quirky ways MLB players break in their mitts


Bloomberg recently ran an article detailing the quirky things that MLB players do to break in a new mitt.  The increasingly crafty Sports Hernia Mole dove deeper to find out what other players use on their gloves to break them in.

Scott Proctor  –  Tinder and lighter fluid

Albert Pujols  –  David Eckstein

David Eckstein  –  Wrestling tights and unicorn dreams

Barry Bonds  –  His head

Mike Piazza  –  Pert Plus

Moises Alou  –  Urine, good ol? urine

Randy Johnson  –  Pterodactyl eggs

Paul Lo Duca  –  18-year old girls on top of horses

Curt Schilling  –  A bloody tampon

Craig Biggio  –  Class, pure class

Kenny Rogers  –  More of that feces that was on his hand

Gary Sheffield  –  Human heads

Nick Swisher  –  Fake cans

Jamie Moyer  –  Digger Phelps highlighters and BenGay

Manny Ramirez  –  Enrique Wilson

Pat Burrell  –  Tapped keg

Derek Jeter  –  Miss Universes

Other curious things players do:

Nomar Garciaparra  –  Wraps it in Ace bandages

David Ortiz  –  Takes it to a scientist to find out what it is 

Kyle Farnsworth  –  Puts glove on dummy and then tackles it repeatedly

Mark Prior  –  Just hangs it up

Jose Reyes  –  Does his dugout salsa dance in it for weeks on end

David Wells  –  Fills glove with Jack, then drinks it

Hideki Matsui  –  Sticks it under his porn collection, keeps it there for 2 weeks or after he’s watched all that porn, whichever comes first

Pedro Martinez  –  Tells Nelson de La Rosa to go to sleep in it, then rubs Don Zimmer?s head in it

A-Rod  –  Puts glove on end of bat, then humps bat