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First off, we’d like to introduce a new Hernia Hero.  Put quite simply, he’s the greatest Dentist eeever:

An oral surgeon who temporarily implanted fake boar tusks in his
assistant’s mouth as a practical joke and got sued for it has ended up
with the last laugh.

Dr. Robert Woo of Auburn had put the phony tusks in while the woman was
under anesthesia
for a different procedure.  He took them out before she
awoke, but first he shot photos that eventually made it around the
office. (Yahoo! News)

He temporarily implanted fake boar tusks into his assistant’s mouth, I repeat, he temporarily implanted fake boar tusks into his assistant’s mouth (a timeless office prank) and then took pictures which he then sent around the office. 

Our new hero.

Onto the other links…

–  A list of amazingly crappy baseball legends who have been busted for performance enhancing drugs. (Joe Sports Fan)

–  Iverson, like anyone else, enjoys a good NBA referee betting scandal. (The Big Lead)

–  Retired Glenallen Hill still wears a helmet. (The Extrapolater)

–  Vick’s lawyer, now that guy knows his football. (Awful Announcing)

–  Flying with kids sitting around you is always a good time, especially if you enjoy staying awake the entire flight thinking of ways to slaughter them. (My Brain Says Rage)

–  And we leave you with this. McGruff the Crime Dog and his devoted supporting cast have a new heartfelt Vick anthem. (Uber)



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