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Beckham sinks dramatic 3-pointer to key Galaxy win

It was just another night for David Beckham as the silky smooth man-idol drained a crucial three-pointer (in follow through at right) near the end of the game to ice another exciting victory for the L.A. Galaxy.

Although the understanding was that it was soccer they were supposed to be playing, Beckham checked into the game late holding one of the NBA’s old leather balls under his arm while those in attendance began cheering, dancing, weeping and masturbating.  The regular ball was instantly disintegrated by Beckham, who cocked his head to one side and flashed "Blue Steel" in it’s direction.

"I had no idea what the hell was going on," said knowledgeable fan Ed Ryerson.  "I mean, the soccer ball isn’t orange, is it?  I asked the guy next to me if this was some new Nike ball they just developed.  But it was Becks, so who cares, the guy is cool."

Beckham swiftly spun through defenders and easily split the opposing team’s defense, setting up a dramatic 3-point shot from just beyond the edge of the box.  Fading away like Patrick Ewing along the baseline, the uber-stud effortlessly connected in the far right corner of the goal, just out of the keeper’s reach. 

Confused at first, the referees converged, shrugged their shoulders and quickly awarded three points to the Galaxy, thus inciting a near riot of jubilation in the stands and on the sidelines.


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