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Yankee dugout clears out early after Joba’s big 8th

Joba strikes out two, eats three, scares many in home debut for Yanks.

The Yankee dugout cleared out prematurely Monday night after their latest emotional rookie roared off the mound with a gigantic forearm cocked and ready to bash with teammates.

"Listen man, I just got off the disabled list and my arms are already killing me from Shelley," said Jason Giambi while quickly packing his bags in the clubhouse.  "You see that dude?  You see his forearm? I just want to get some at-bats in, I wasn’t about to stick around for that."

Centerfielder Melky Cabrera, who has already openly shared his fear of Duncan with the media, immediately climbed the outfield wall after seeing Joba’s reaction at the end of the inning and left through the back of the stadium, hailing a cab in his uniform.

"I saw him pump giant forearm so I run away," said Melky from his cell phone.  "He scare me too, just like Shelley.  They going to kill someone one day.  He didn’t kill Robbie, did he?"

When Chamberlin finally reached the dugout, only Duncan remained, and the two embraced as many expected, by repeatedly smashing Gatorade coolers and steel chairs over each other’s heads while laughing uncontrollably.