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Which face will Bud Selig make when Bonds breaks the record?


Will it be the "maybe testing for steroids 10 years ago would’ve been a wise idea" face?  (top left)

The "are you farting out of your ear?" face?  (top row, second from left)

The "constipated Prince Valium" face?  (top right)

The "blindly searching for a worm to suck on" face?  (right column, middle pic)

The "somehow I’ve morphed into seven different Muppets at once and I kinda like it" face?  (bottom right)

The "hey, everyone just cool out and party" face?  (bottom row, second from right)

The "I’ll chew up your nest and spit out your eggs" angry hawk face?  (bottom row, second from left)

The "I will now proudly transform into a giant eagle and fly away" face?  (bottom left)

The possibilities are endless…