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Bonds: Judge, Jury, Juicer


Barry Bonds recently called designer Mark Ecko, purchaser of little discussed ball no. 756, an "idiot" for the poll he’s running on what to do with the historic ball of juiced twine. 

Ecko should not feel alone, however.  Here is a list of people Bonds has called an idiot in the past:

–  Jeff Kent’s bobblehead for falling off toy motorcycle
–  John the Baptist for getting his head chopped off
–  Sam Leonas, the hat maker on the corner Haight and Coyne, for not making hats that "really do fit all"
–  Beetlejuice for having such a small head that he can wear any hat
–  Jose Canseco… just because
–  Floyd Landis for having permanent Bitter Beer face
–  Bobby Bonilla for not being hated longer
–  Greg Anderson for having the audacity to write him from jail
–  David Eckstein for multiple piggyback requests at the 2002 series
–  Francisco Cabrera for not choking in 1992
–  Sid Bream for being the slowest person in baseball but not slow
enough to keep the Braves from beating the Pirates and going to the World

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  1. The Beek

    September 21, 2007 at 10:15 am

    It took Sid Bream 20 minutes to make it home, don’t know how Barry didn’t get that throw to the plate in time.

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