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LeBron creeps closer to Global Icon status, set to host SNL

LeBron James is scheduled to host SNL this weekend and while some may have forgotten, Bron-Bron has already showcased his acting chops in confusing Sprite commercials, the highly-rated ESPY’s and this wonderful, nearly unforgettable

On-set rumors of what will be aired in Saturday’s show include:

–  Product placements in every scene
–  "Lord of the Rings" skit starring LeBron as Treebeard
–  At least 5 skits that he dances in
–  LeBron to really flaunt his acting skills by playing a 22-year-old
–  A "Cleveland Superfans" skit starring all of his alter egos from the Nike commercials
–  Version of Wayne’s World skit with LeBron and Lil’ LeBron or Thirst, whatever his name is…

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  1. Mr Beard

    September 29, 2007 at 11:57 am

    He looked much better back then, his beard was less wild.

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