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Report: Knee injury sidelines Beckham for 134 years


(LOS ANGELES,CA) — The MLS was dealt a devastating blow yesterday when league coverboy David Beckham learned he would be sidelined for 134 years, and not the 2 months originally diagnosed, with his latest knee injury.  LA Galaxy execs were stunned by the news, yet Beckham remained optomistic.

"It does seem a bit lengthy" said Beckham, with a noticeably more somber tone to his English chipmunk voice.  "I’m sure the doctors are just being a little overcautious.  We’ll see how it feels 37 years from now"

Beckham, who deemed himself 78% fit a few weeks ago, has downgraded himself to 13% fit at the moment. He then predicted himself  to be at 46.32% fit by 2025.


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