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Manny being Manny, celebrates everything…


Coming off his amazingly ridiculous celebration of a HR (while his team was down 4 runs in a playoff game),  Manny Ramirez was tailed by the The SportsHernia mole to see what else the Boston slugger celebrates. A look at his report:

8:13 am — Takes shower, manages to keep
Battlefield Earth hairdo dry, tosses arms in air triumphantly, points
to imaginary dugout

8:46 am — Manny makes a frappacino latte with orange foam, cinnamon
and rainbow sprinkles, then raises arms in air and stares at his

9:14 am — Manny makes successful right on red, throws arms in air and walks out of 1997 Honda Accord

9:43 am — Successfully parks car within yellow lines, exits car and stares at his parking job for 5 minutes, violently thrusts arms in air and walks out of parking lot, winking and pointing at baffled parking lot attendant

10:45 am — Manny checks watch and gives correct time to Tito, throws hands in the air and walks away

12:30 pm — Manny successfully calculates his customary 1,000% tip on his lunch at McDonald?s, throws arms in air and walks out.

1:31 pm — While in bathroom inside Green Monster, Manny gets all his urine in the toilet, throws arms in the air and walks out without flushing

4:30 pm –Manny completes entire Chinese meal using only chop sticks, throws hands in the air and walks out of restaurant.

11:30 pm ? Manny successfully programs his TiVo to record every episode of The Jetsons, throws arms in air?