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NBA, Hair stylists await Hubie’s next move…

(NEW YORK, NY) — The NBA season approaches, and with it an entire nation waits with baited breath to see if hair visionary Hubie Brown will once again drop a hair bomb on us.  The charismatic former coach and current NBA broadcaster has been known to  shock the hair styling world every few years, when everyone least expects it.  Will he do it again?

A glance at some of Hubie’s previous looks:

The Perm

Light years ahead of everyone else (like Miles Davis in his prime), Hubie unveiled what may be his masterpiece in the early 80s: the Perm. Brown, who grayed early in life (only 26 in this pic) defiantly went against the grain and boldly went where few men dared to tread, a ‘woman’s’ hair style. The notion meant little to Brown, who was more than secure with his masculinity, with women literally falling out of his pants during games.

The Unnecessary Combover

His first controversial look, Brown arrogantly gave himself a combover as a 22 year old college senior, despite the fact that he was not losing any of his hair.  The brave look gave millions of balding men around the world the courage to try the audacious style.

The Helmet
In his gigolo heyday of the late 70’s while coaching the Hawks, Hubie couldn’t be fussed with balancing his hectic coaching schedule, his love life AND styling his hair every day.  Desperate and searching for a solution, Hubie came across some scientists who broached him on the idea of freezing his hair in carbonite, which would would allow him to remove his hair from his head whenever he pleased (most importantly, before he went to bed and took showers). 

Note Hubie’s young protege and guinea pig, Mike Fratello, in the background.  Clearly Hubie was experimenting  on a young and naive Fratello, with an early carnation of the Perm on his assistant.

The Bearded Jerri Curl
After seeing his Perm copied by countless wanna-bes (Jack Sikma, Gary Carter, Doug Collins, among others), Hubie went into the great unknown, growing a ferocious lumberjack beard to compliment his ever evolving perm-jerri curl. Legend has it, the first time he walked into the Garden with this ‘do, a stunned silence engulfed the crowd before they eventually erupted into a standing ovation.  Tip-off was delayed 35 minutes and Ken "the Animal" Bannister was too moved to even play. 

To this day, no one has even had the audacity to even try to duplicate the look.  The maestro had made his point, loud and clear.

Caesar’s Rats Nest
His latest and current look, Brown emerged one off-season several years back with an updated Caesar cut that included an actual rats nest in it.  Within minutes, George Clooney and hundreds of other stars were rushing to salons to copy the look.

Coming Thursday, a look at several possible styles that Hubie will unveil next….