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Yankees ‘Wild Card’ hat sweeping New York


The Yankees new Wild Card hat being sold on Modell’s site for a mere $24.99
is understandably sweeping New York, and while some reactions haven’t
been as favorable as others, it seems to have struck a chord with almost everyone.  Below are some of the reactions from fans, players and coaches:

"If I see one person wearing that hat, they will get a swift donkey punch. I will take their hat, light it on fire and then shove it up there f**king nose." — Brian, 30, passionate Yankee fan

"I heard they’re coming out with a whole line of these hats that say ‘Designated Hitter,’ ‘Trading Deadline,’ and ‘1-Game Playoff.’" — Noonan, Sports Hernia staff

"That looks like a nice hat for the bandwagon Yankee fans on Long Island. Eat it yah dingleberries, stay on your island." — lifetime Yankee fan from the Bronx

"While receiving my wild card hat, I had to sign for the delivery and when I attempted to do so, all ten of my fingers immediately cracked and became dislocated, and a tendon in my elbow ruptured.  I have not seen the hat yet, but the Yankee fans should know I’ll be back and better than, well, just better."
— Carl Pavano

"I like bubble writing. It funny." — Melky Cabrera

"Reminds me of the steaming dump I just took." — Larry Bowa

"It’s kewl." — some chick on AOL

"I didn’t get one." — Kei IrabuGawa via translator

"F**k you." — anonymous Bleacher Creature

"My mustache almost attacked it." — Ron Guidry

"I like edible hats." — Shelley Duncan