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Hey, Steven Gerrard and ?Sir? Alex Ferguson…


(Note: Big Bad Weiss, also known as BBW, hails from parts unknown and his FU articles are delivered by a headless horseman)

Fucking English pieces of shit, wanting to cap the amount of foreign players in the Premiership, stop your fucking bitching.

This is the most ludicrous notion I have heard in a long time.  The Premiership is the best league in the world because of foreign players, you tea-and-crumpets butt buddies.  The two of them say its hurting the English National Team.  I will tell you what is hurting them, it’s filled with a bunch of individual stars that have NO idea how to play together.  Ego and bad teeth are killing that team, not foreigners in the Premiership.

I find it curious that this issue is being voiced just now, when England can possibly be eliminated for Euro 2008, and Arsenal, who have one English player, are atop the table in the Premiership.  We didn?t hear this bitching last year when Arsenal was 4th and qualifying for Euro 2008 hadn?t even begun.  Typical posh-pussy Brits.  Well, guess what, if it weren?t for foreigners helping your country, you would all be speaking German right now and the Premiership would be the second division of the Bundesliga, so shut the Fuck Up.

Gerrard are you for fucking real?  Talking this total garbage a few
days before you play Croatia?  Look mullet-face, just beat them and
then you will qualify, I mean we are talking about Croatia here, so
shut the fuck up, it is not like you are playing an actual soccer team
this weekend.

As for Sir Alex, you pompous dickbag, I am just going to list your
best players on Man U. and we will see how many stinkin? Brits there
are:  Ronoaldo (Portugal, well Brits like to vacation in Portugal),
Saha (France, long time allies of England), Rooney (England, Yeah!),
Scholes (England, wow, two in a row), Van der Sar (Holland, practically
England, it just has better people, food and museums), Hargervas (from
Canada, but plays for the England national team, which means he has no
national pride), Evra (Senegal, that is the England of Africa), Giggs
(Wales, at least he is from the U.K.), and O?Shea (Ireland, they love
the English). 

Bang up job on having English players on your
team, Sir Alex, I was going to mention Ferdinand and Brown, but they are has-beens, so they don?t count.

So, in summation, we have a bitter English player afraid to play Croatia and an old coach who is pissed that Arsenal is at the top of the
table, but doesn?t practice what he is preaching.  Well done, wouldn?t
expect any less from two assholes that walk the fine line between being
British and queer.  FUCK YOU!