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Hey, Steven Gerrard and ?Sir? Alex Ferguson…


(Note: Big Bad Weiss, also known as BBW, hails from parts unknown and his FU articles are delivered by a headless horseman)

Fucking English pieces of shit, wanting to cap the amount of foreign players in the Premiership, stop your fucking bitching.

This is the most ludicrous notion I have heard in a long time.  The Premiership is the best league in the world because of foreign players, you tea-and-crumpets butt buddies.  The two of them say its hurting the English National Team.  I will tell you what is hurting them, it’s filled with a bunch of individual stars that have NO idea how to play together.  Ego and bad teeth are killing that team, not foreigners in the Premiership.

I find it curious that this issue is being voiced just now, when England can possibly be eliminated for Euro 2008, and Arsenal, who have one English player, are atop the table in the Premiership.  We didn?t hear this bitching last year when Arsenal was 4th and qualifying for Euro 2008 hadn?t even begun.  Typical posh-pussy Brits.  Well, guess what, if it weren?t for foreigners helping your country, you would all be speaking German right now and the Premiership would be the second division of the Bundesliga, so shut the Fuck Up.

Gerrard are you for fucking real?  Talking this total garbage a few
days before you play Croatia?  Look mullet-face, just beat them and
then you will qualify, I mean we are talking about Croatia here, so
shut the fuck up, it is not like you are playing an actual soccer team
this weekend.

As for Sir Alex, you pompous dickbag, I am just going to list your
best players on Man U. and we will see how many stinkin? Brits there
are:  Ronoaldo (Portugal, well Brits like to vacation in Portugal),
Saha (France, long time allies of England), Rooney (England, Yeah!),
Scholes (England, wow, two in a row), Van der Sar (Holland, practically
England, it just has better people, food and museums), Hargervas (from
Canada, but plays for the England national team, which means he has no
national pride), Evra (Senegal, that is the England of Africa), Giggs
(Wales, at least he is from the U.K.), and O?Shea (Ireland, they love
the English). 

Bang up job on having English players on your
team, Sir Alex, I was going to mention Ferdinand and Brown, but they are has-beens, so they don?t count.

So, in summation, we have a bitter English player afraid to play Croatia and an old coach who is pissed that Arsenal is at the top of the
table, but doesn?t practice what he is preaching.  Well done, wouldn?t
expect any less from two assholes that walk the fine line between being
British and queer.  FUCK YOU!


  1. You suck

    November 16, 2007 at 12:11 pm

    Hahahaha your such a little cunt. Ever looked at the Arsenal team? its a bunch of little whores who cant play for shit. You’ll see how they get raped when Fabregas isnt there. And you say SAHA, RONALDO, VDS, EVRA are not from UK? So what? We have more fucking brits that you fags do. All you can get are 16 year old africans. I can imagine what a little kid you yourself are..

  2. mervin

    November 16, 2007 at 12:46 pm

    Finally, some FU Corner anger!! Thanks Weiss!

  3. Jean Shorts

    November 16, 2007 at 1:06 pm

    Who is the loser brit that can’t handle the truth? Or is he just a lobsterback sympathizer? Maybe he needs a refresher course: Badass Brits are referred to as hooligans affirming that even they are complete pussies and remember its all ballbearings these days.

  4. Ricky - Sixers4guidos

    November 16, 2007 at 4:50 pm

    4 times world champs guidos are available to teach some SOCCER to our brit friends at any time

    Just give us a call guys !! low prices and special rates for Hernia readers

  5. manfrombelmonty

    November 16, 2007 at 5:58 pm

    Clearly the muppet is just trying to get a reaction and knows nothing about football.

    Who are England playing this week. Whats that you say???


    Close…but no cigar.

  6. Toon till i die

    November 16, 2007 at 6:14 pm

    You sound like a dickhead yank mate, talking about ‘soccer’. I’d also advise you, if you want to get a respected point across, i’d stop using all those big words that your mam calls you. Why exactly does Gerrard have to be a coward… is it not possible he’s concerned about the development of British players? I’d just shut up if I were you, anybody that thinks you have any sort of a valid opinion is just as thick as you.

  7. didouch

    November 16, 2007 at 6:37 pm

    Arsenal reserves has 6 young brits on it WTF r u people talking developping brit youth we develop more then any club jesus christ u have multiple ex arsenal brits in the league u just never had a coach with the balls to pick them. Arsenal had the whole starting back 4 for england at one time jesus christ!! WTF is wrong with u.

  8. didouch

    November 16, 2007 at 6:39 pm

    All i see is that the brits can’t handle the competiton from other players throughout the world

  9. Bob

    November 16, 2007 at 6:43 pm

    looooooooooll thats funny and all them facts were all soo true and also hilarios nice one mate bree jokes!!!!!!!

  10. DAN OSA

    November 16, 2007 at 8:09 pm

    Anyone with a little knowledge of the English will know they are the most hypocritical beigns on the face of the earth. Take Gerard for a start! He goes on about foreign players; we it not for the level these foreign players have elevated the premier league Gerald would not be earning the fat salary that he is on today. I the abscence of these foreign more technical players who really the rest of the world would be tuning in every weekend to watch the long ball merchants? Liverpool is owned by foreigners, managed by a foreigner and most of their buys in the last few years are all foreigners. They would not even be thinking of top table if they cramped the team with the so-called English players!
    Alex Ferguson is a different kettle of fish altogether. Last season when Arsenal were not in the picture you hardly heard any word from that self-promoting buffon. If my memory serves me, he had something to say about Liverpool, Chesea and their respective managers. Now all is about Arsenal; the stadium security, the quality of goals scored, lack of English players, etc, etc. His alcohol fueled outbusts would be funny if they were not destructive to reason. All he did with these comments was to demonstrate either a complete lack of understanding of the composition of his most effective team or as with anything British, he was speaking from both side of the mouth.

    I look forward to the day when they can come out with a system of capping foreign players; nobody would waste time watching the likes of Gerald running all of 90 minutes without any notion of footballing technique.

    Have you noticed a coincidence that whilst this preoccupation with the influx of foreign players is gaining momentum, the general populace through the Sun, Daily Mail, etc are hammering immigrants for every imaginable ills in the British society.
    My advice is that all should ignore the rantings of these closet racists – the Empire crumbled long time ago and the sooner these little Englanders realise this the better not only for them but the whole world.

  11. Pedro

    November 16, 2007 at 8:40 pm

    looooooooooll thats funny and all them facts were all soo true and also hilarios nice one mate bree jokes!!!!!!!
    Yep apart from the fact that the English play Croatia midweek and Russia play Israel tomorrow and also when he says “Fucking English pieces of shit, wanting to cap the amount of foreign players in the Premiership, stop your fucking bitching.” This retad seems to forgetthat Sir Alex is SCOTTISH!!!!! Apart from those, most of it is inane ramblings from a retarded chimpanzee who is either from Paris or Africa as he obvioulsy supports Arsenal(Managed by a paedo, thats why he loves all his “kiddies”)
    Oh also sad, bitter, retarded gimp who wrote this can i ask you who “Ronoaldo” is?

  12. Dan Duquette

    November 17, 2007 at 7:27 am

    Football? Tom Brady plays football. Ohhhhh you guys are talking a obout soccerc – the sport that kids who cant play basketball, baseball or football play. It makes them feel good about themselves.

  13. Ricky - Sixers4guidos

    November 18, 2007 at 9:45 am

    LOL I see the level of the debate is “rising”… anyway, Italy just spanked SCOTLAND’s ass last night..not that this is big news, but anyway…

    I’ll leave the rants to these fine english gentlemen, maybe u can make it to Euro 2008 too instead of watching us on TV, LMAO

  14. hendrix7

    November 19, 2007 at 6:57 am

    “”looooooooooll thats funny and all them facts were all soo true and also hilarios nice one mate bree jokes!!!!!!!””

    Good job of representing the British nation, well done. Like it or not the basic point (if you ignore the tired and misinformed clich?s) here is spot on. The premiership would be nothing without foreign players and despite being considered one of the best sides in the world our recent international performances are nothing but embarrassing.

  15. Ricky - Sixers4guidos

    November 21, 2007 at 6:09 pm

    England just got eliminated from Euro 2008… you all guys will watch us on television next year… LMAO

  16. berbatov

    December 11, 2007 at 9:35 pm

    what have bad teeth got to do with football? You lot of synchronized swimmers with painted tombstone teeth over there cant play football or win wars. You only got to Germany in time for the cheese and biscuits.
    You know nothing about anything thats more than 30 minutes from home.
    You should talk about what you know Hot dogs and baseball which are both tasteless and dull.

  17. pasha

    March 3, 2008 at 3:38 am

    S.Gerard is D’ best

  18. Ahmed

    March 4, 2008 at 10:38 am


  19. you're an idiot

    April 10, 2008 at 3:28 am

    Everyone here has absolutely know idea about the wonderful sport Football, or in your language soccer. LOL. Especially the author of this article, what a moron.
    Seriously, Im not even going to bother….what a waste of time.

    Wow, great listing of superstars for United, you idiot. Kthanks watch the MLS

  20. Euro 2008 Betting

    April 15, 2008 at 4:29 am

    I agree with Ricky – England don’t seem to have much of a clue when it comes to International Football.

    They play straight into the hands of those mocking their obvious lack of grit when it comes to playing anything outside of ‘Fort England’.

    No kidding jokes aside, if Croatia could have given England carrots – then my pick going through from Euro 2008 Group B would be Croatia.

    They could easily out muscle Germany – who to be fair has been pretty inconsistent in my book.

    I fancy an Eastern European side to take the Euro 2008 Tournament. Western European sides are too soft – England?

  21. Dave

    April 19, 2008 at 2:41 pm

    Such a bad article.

    For a start Arsenal have more than one English player. Croatia are a good side, and please do not call the beautiful game “soccer”. You obviously don’t have a clue what your talking about. Granted the English side is terrible, a cap on foreign players would help the English national side. It is the English league after all, so what you think doesn’t even matter.

    Germany inconsistent? Hear the same thing before every major tournament, yet everytime they still do really well.

    You think you can diss Sir Alex Ferguson? The man is untouchable, one of the greatest ever managers. Seriously stick to Baseball.

    “LOL I see the level of the debate is “rising”… anyway, Italy just spanked SCOTLAND’s ass last night..not that this is big news, but anyway… ”

    If you did watch the game then you obviously have no knowledge on football. Not that that is big news? Scotland had a far better campaign than England, and considering they were in a group with the World Cup winners, world cup runner ups, world cup quarter finalists they did fantastically and we are proud of our team.

  22. info5stars

    May 31, 2008 at 2:33 pm

    The best player of Euro 2008 will be Cristiano Ronaldo.

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    Contentment never motivated anyone::::Except perhaps for slavery, the Jews never saw more of their children ascend into heaven than during the Holocaust.
    The Gods subsequently used revenge for the Holocaust as temptation::::”Your Italian brothers have a tool, a special power which can achieve sweet revenge. Are you interested??”
    In the aftermath of the Holocaust the Gods tested the Jews with the temptation of revenge, an offer which many gladly accepted.
    There was positioning behind the counter-culture movement. How did the Gods telepathically “sell” this rapid deterioration of decency to the Italians and Jews and compell them to fall on their swords as preditors?
    If the Jews only would have emersed themselves in Judism the Gods would have “protected” them from the raveges of temptation. Judism may be the one superior religion in all the world, and the Jews wouuld have been wise taking refuge in this exceptional benefit bestowed by the Gods rather than looking for the easy way out.

    Much as with the Jesus event, the Gods use the disfavored to prey on each other.
    The Gods use the evil that men do, man’s inhumanity towards man to accomplish strategic testing/punishment/etc goals::::The Germans fell for this temptation by following the preditor/corruptor-Austrians (Hitler).
    Without this Austrian the Holocaust may never have happened. Nor may have World War II.
    What the Germans did was wrong. They fell for temptation and failed to have empathy for the disfavored. Economic desperation, not wisdom nor enlightenment, dominated in Germany.
    The Gods send many clues suggesting the great favor of the Germans (regionally). I think the Cold War’s Berlin Wall dividing Germany into east and west was a clue suggesting this (reverse positioning).
    I suspect the Holocaust was used to “level the playing field” in Europe, for the Germans had far too much favor to be included in the agenda planned for their neighbors otherwise, and they would have been suspiciously out of place, providing a clue for the disfavored which would have been difficult for the Gods to position away.

    Militancy in Africa is consistant with the Iraqi example, as was slavery and the KKK here in America:::Fear enforces proper behavior. Without it we see what happens as a result of gross/morbid disfavor:::::AIDS, crack babies, dead young men in gangland retaliation killings.
    The same principle was true in Europe and throughout the world for centuries:::People whom lived under iron fists were conditioned to think the right way. As a result they taught their children appropriately and experienced a higher percentage of children ascending into heaven.
    Our preditory envionment of “freedom” was the primary purpose the Gods had when implimenting this strategy that is the United States, one which they used to spred the cancer of democracy and westernization throughout the world. And the Gods use this tool that is America to prey on the disfavored both at home and abroad:::Much like the ghetto, America in general experiences a heightened level of temptation due to its citizen’s disfavor.
    Red white & blue IS BAD FOR YOU!!!
    Planet Earth is not about living. Planet Earth is about being tested. And contentment never motivated anyone.
    Italians HATE Africans because of their invasion/rape of their motherland. The Gods did this SPECIFICALLY to strategically position the punishment of the most disfavored peoples:::
    The Gods have used the ghettos of America as a reincarnation dumping ground. This may be temporary/cyclical, illustrated by the Italians who fell for temptation and parlayed their own civil war into the Black Wars of the 80s and 90s, in addition to the “thug life”/gangster state of mind. Ironically, it was these same Italians and their cooperating associates who were reincarnated into the ghetto as crack babies and gangster thugs for this event.
    There is justice in the universe. This is how the Gods do business. Once you recognize the patterns you will understand the other clues they offer to the people.
    Of course it may be more of a permanant change, indicated by the enhanced temptations in these neighborhoods, for the Gods have created these enviornments so riddled with temptation few can escape/overcome.
    Don’t be suprised if after being gunned down in the ghetto the next stop for the 20th century Italian-Americans & friends was AIDS in Africa, punishment for their promiscuity and deviacy for some, involvement in the AIDS trade for others.
    Media report on a crackdown on child prostitution. “(The pimps use coersion to prey on the children, etc, etc, other “conclusions” offered through the media.)” What a degenerate liar.
    These kids WANT to turn tricks. They LOVE the idea of having a pimp. It is celebrated in their “culture”.
    Yet another legacy of the evil inflicted by the Italians.
    Maybe this was the destination for these deviates after AIDS in Africa, ironically.
    Just like black neighborhoods, the legalization of marijuana will make drugs available on every street corner, even in the suburbs. White’s affluent suburbs will become just like the ghetto.
    The patriarchal cancer spread throughout Europe because of Christianity, of which the majority of policy makers were Italian men, destroying what pockets of favored matriarchy existed. Expect the largest landowner in Europe and the continent’s original superpower also played a major role in African slavery.
    The Gods offered a clue about the Italians in the movie “The Matrix”:::They casted an Italian as the traitor of the group, the one who betrays them all.
    As they did humanity in the 20th century.

    Even the Old Testiment is not to always be taken literally, but the Gods do offer clues throughout to help the disfavored:::The apple is a tool of temptation used to corrupt Adam and Eve and cast them out of the Garden of Eden.
    There is another lesson to be learned from this passage, and it is quite similar to the vailing issue and the discourse over women’s attire which ultimately died in the 70s:::Women are responsible for and control the fate of mankind.
    The deterioration of society and mankind is all their fault. Females are sexually promiscuous like men, too often corrupted like the opposite gender, and the result is a reduction/minimization of mankind’s collective level of favor, a very important step necessary for the Gods to justify the Apocalypse.
    They need to understand this responsibility, their favor amongst all the people. Instead they have embraced masculinization::::Girls play organized sports, engage in casual sex like men. The trend is away from traditional girl toys, like dolls, which often during playtime helped crate positive thoughts, enabling the Gods to enlighten the favored gender and illustrate wisdom, ocassionally leading to the path towards ascention.
    The relationship between men and women have always been complimentary:::The men shelter and protect women from the evils of this life, ensuring the women have a REAL opportunity to ascend when reincarnated, while the women help the ignorant men understand by sharing their wisdom imparted by the Gods. The tendency away from sexuality as one grows older is an example.
    Brilliance and insight granted to Eastern cultures and religions::::Not for Europeans. If once existed, now crushed by Christianity.
    Replaced by preditory Mediterreanean patriarchy.
    Europeans:::The most disfavored people on Earth. The first to experience the end of their God-granted favor.
    Reverse positioning.

    Think about what I say. Consider what I teach.
    When I am no longer here or no longer teach the Gods ARE NOT going to share with you.
    Even if you doubt now you need to remember the principles that I teach because the Gods ARE NOT going to be generous with the disfavored. Society is going to become disturbingly ugly as we approach the Apocalypse due to spiralling, runaway disfavor, WHETHER CONCEALED IN REVERSE POSITIONING OR NOT (like Christianity, like money), and you are going to be on your own.
    I do not know when this will occurr, but it is the God’s way to grant some time after a learning event such as this before they end on Planet Earth.
    Make the decision to always be good and never look back. Until you do this technology will employ tactics to test your resolve:::Ridicule, beligerance, doubt and refusal to abandon what people perceive to be their “investment”.
    Either you make that decision now and accept the punishment for the sins of this life or you will pay for it in the next, reincarnated into a similarly low role, ensuring another wasted opportunity, or as an even lower form of life, and hope will begin to slip away.
    Young people who understand yet still wish to have children MUST begin to do the right thing and work on fixing their relationship with the Gods, accepting the punishment for the evil they have done in their lives. Without this progress they won’t do the correct thing for their children and ultimately cause even more problems for themselves by continuing this behavior.
    You need to be willing to tell the Gods “No.” when tested with temptation, and accepting punishment and putting it in your past is the only way you will suceed as a parent.
    You need to do the best, teach your children and give them the very best chance to ascend if you want a similar opportunity in your next life.
    If you do well for your children now your parents will do well for you when reincarnated.
    Pray daily. Think appropriately. Impart these charecteristics upon your children. Too many are confident, unaware of the God’s awesome powers or their status as antients. Others may fall prey to their positioning.
    Be humbled, God-fearing and beware of the God’s temptations, for everyone is tested to evaluate their worthiness.

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