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Source: Media may think fondly of Brett Favre


According to a few of the Hernia’s most reliable sources, there may be a love affair budding between the entire male sports media and Packers quarterback Brett Favre.  Now we know this is only preliminary, but some of these quotes we’ve been handed give us an inkling to what might become a much bigger story.  Stayed tuned…

"This guy here is a football player." –John Madden, NBC

"See that guy, that guy right there, that guy is a football player." –Paul McGuire, NFL network

"Brody Favre, now that’s a bad man right there." –Emmit Smith, NFL Countdown

"Brett Favre, now there’s a guy I can root for.  Have we ever seen one better?  Wow, just wow, Brett Favre." –Mike Lupica, NY Post

"Brad Favre is truly one of the greats, probably the best that’s ever suited up for the Bears." –Pat Summerall, satellite radio

"Favre, I want to sprinkle your salt-and-pepper hair on my 9-egg omelet." –Tony Siragusa, Fox

"Favre has more fun out there than an 6-year-old hopped up on Jolt Cola in the ball pit at Chucky Cheese." –Bob Costas, HBO

"Brett Favre, he is a PTP’er, a Depends dandy, I love him, I just love
him.  Up there in Wisconsin, the land of Bo Ryan and the Badgers. He’s
a gunslinger baby, with a capital G!  Brett if you are listening now,
please do us all a favor, and play one more year, just one more year
Brett." –Dick Vitale, ESPN

"Montana and Marino wouldn’t have been able to do what they did if it wasn’t for Brett Favre." –Jason Krause, 10-year old analyst for ESPN (Several other ESPN employees have also echoed these thoughts)

"I’d so do Brett Favre." –Tiki Barber, NBC 

"Favre is straight-up Jesus people!" –Stuart Scott, ESPN

"Brett Favre makes Gandhi look like Erckel, Marino too."
–Boomer Esiason, CBS

"Favre’s 180 ollie, no-comply forward undertoss shuffle pass is more innovative than Tony Hawk’s 720." –Sal Masekela, X-Games host

"Brett Favre is an absolute living legend, he’s the best quarterback in the NFL.  You can’t tell me there’s anyone out there that’s better, can you?  He’s one of the premiiiiier quarterbacks of all-time, he is a model citizen both on and off the field, I would follow this guy into battle anytime… BUT, he will never do what Larry did.  NO ONE will ever do what Biiiiiird did."
–Bill Walton

"Just make love to me Brett." –Chris Berman, ESPN

"That Brett Favre is pret-ty, pret-ty, pret-ty good." –Larry David

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    July 14, 2008 at 8:17 pm

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