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The Top 40 Sports Figures of 2007

About a month ago we were asked by Jamie Mottram to participate in a Yahoo! Sports blogger survey on the 10 sports figures — athletes, coaches, media types, etc. — that we blogged about most in 2007.  Needless to say, we were honored to be included among the participants.

The Top 40 list, which is now up over at Yahoo! Sports, was compiled based on responses from 47 different blogs, and while it features the usual suspects, a few mentions did surprise us (we’re lookin’ at you Norv Turner).

Thanks again to Mr. Mottram for including us, we had a good time looking into the archives and patting ourselves on the back. 

Here are the Top 10 we submitted:

10) Brian Engblom
the keyboard player for Flock of Seagulls, the frisky Versus studio analyst defied the odds by challenging and overtaking Barry
Melrose for the throne of most absurd hockey-hair.  Simply put, he shocked the world.

9) Manny Ramirez

Continues to defy fashion critics with a bold fusion of Milli Vanilli
and Battlefield Earth, all while the Smurfs theme song plays happily in his head.  Also continues to have no concept of time,
, or what league he’s in.

8) John Kruk
The season-long rift that was never quite resolved between Kruk and his temperamental hair captured our hearts during the opening week in April
and unceremoniously ditched us in late October.  In short, we’re excited
for Opening Day.

7) Bud Selig
This Sam the Eagle, Dark Crystal look-a-like finds his way into our news just by showing up to the podium.  I mean, just look at this guy.

6) Eli Manning
ability to be photographed in the most awkward manner possible each and
every week
of the season has made him special around here.  His
signature "coach’s son-post-proctol exam" shrug hasn’t helped matters much either.

5) Michael Vick
Secret weed compartments, being hunted by the Cleveland Dawg Pound, cartoon dog tournaments… to jail.  Ugh

4) A-Rod
Bronzer?  Check.  Frosted tips?  Check.  Humps bat?  Check.  Lives in his own soap opera?  Check.  Wears make-up?  Probably.  Yeah, safe to say he’s a staple around here.

3) Beckham
and his wife’s racket-ball rack arrived in L.A. in July and we haven’t been able to stop documenting it, particularly Becks, who has now flashed ‘Blue Steel’ an eye popping 679 times, leading to 1,118 deaths.

2) Barry Bonds
From his
freakish tortoise head, to the Pedro Gomez moon that orbits it, to
shunning his son at home plate like he was a delusional fat girl, Barry was obviously a fixture in our blog throughout the year.  What else can we say other than: 756, a great day for steroids, a sad for for asterisks.

1) Barbaro (4-29-03 – 1-29-07)
Where do we start:  Some say he was a "warrior" or a "hero" and had a strong desire win races.  But above all, he was featured in our pages because people seemed to
forget he was a FREAKIN’ HORSE.  He was bred unnaturally, had small ankles that snapped in half and is now glue.  We’ll miss you, buddy.

(Note: He may have passed in mid-January but his impact afterwards felt like dog years)