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Who the F**k Operated on Vitale!

Hey Dr. Fuckwad, or whatever your name is, FUCK YOU for you operation on Dick Vitale.  What a total missed opportunity for college basketball fans.  Never have I ever wanted a doctor to screw up a surgery so bad than this time.  I am not advocating erroneous surgery (which surely would lead to a malpractice suit), but think about what heaven we would have all been in if Dr. Fuckwad slipped and just snipped those vocal chords.

Although, I am going to take some blame for this missed opportunity.   If my head wasn’t in my ass, I would have been able to send this doctor a case of whiskey, a mountain of cocaine and 10 whores straight off the boat from Costa Rica the night before the surgery.  But no, with my slip-up, and this asshole being a stand-up doctor, the rest of us are going to have to suffer through many more years of Duke Vitale running his fucking mouth.

So, Dr. Fuckwad, you can still save face and tell Dick-Fuck Vitale during his follow-up visit that he should retire from broadcasting and only speak 10 words a day, anything short of that, and consider yourself a Fuck You target forever.  Get Fucked!

Disclaimer:  The author of this article, Big Bad Weiss, also known as BBW, hails from parts unknown and his FU columns are delivered to Hernia Headquarters by a headless horseman.  Yes, he is friends with Satan.