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F.U. Corner: The Barber brothers

Hey, Tiki and Ronde, FUCK YOU!


You outfit matching, overall-wearing dickbags, go get your weekly teeth whitening blast before you hit the swing set together you insufferable pair of scrotum jugglers.  I could give a rats ass about you two bagging on Eli Manning, but everyone’s tired of you effeminate douchebags running your glistening mouths like you’re Hall of Fame locks, so it’s time to shut the fuck up. 

Last I checked one of you fish-looking dickticklers hung up the pads early so you could smile more often for the camera while the other matching cockrocket talked shit on a radio show as if he’s some lights-out-Deion-Sanders cover corner.  What happened on Sunday?  Oh, that’s right, both of you shitbags took it up the tailpipe, so right now would be a wise time to shut the fuck up.  And speaking of, your radio show is called "The Barber Shop"?  My god, both of you, please get royally
fucked.  You both deserve a Chuck Cecil helmet-to-no-helmet death spear.

Tiki, you probably get manicures more often than you bang your wife, so don’t talk tough, you’re a fucking joke.  And Ronde, you didn’t do shit on Sunday, the Bucs D’ was intimidating six years ago, so shutting the fuck up is long overdue sir.  Hey, here’s an idea, maybe it’s time for you too to be a total pussy and hang it up early.  Perhaps you can join the panel on the View, I’m sure your gay fucking giggle would fit right in with that group of shitslags.

Bottom line, fuck the Barber Shop, there are 246 days before opening weekend of the 2008 season, so until you’re required to speak again by your respective network or team, SHUT THE FUCK UP.


Disclaimer:  FU Corner’s are delivered to Hernia Headquarters by a headless horseman.  Big Bad Weiss, the father of the FU Corner, did not pen this hate letter, however it was written in blood by one of his dedicated soliders.