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Hoops Weiss continues assault on reality


We recent conducted a Hernia round table discussion that focused primarily on the strange object that appears to be residing on top of New York Daily News writer Dick Weiss's head.  The main question that brought such animated feedback from all participating parties was, what the fuck is it?? 

Here are some of the ideas and thoughts that bounced around the room:

"For some reason, to me he looks like Yoda on Red Bull with a dead sewer rat on his head.  Especially when his eyes are all big."

"I'm pretty dumbfounded.  He reeks of a mix of arrogance and apathy – the crappy unbuttoned polo shirt, the old blazer and the ridiculous rug.  It's really like a greasy mop.  I can see an oily eddy in the middle of that wave of crud on his head.  It's like someone solidified the sea water where the Exxon Valdez spill occurred and plopped it on his head."

"It looks like a dried out steak."

"Is it seaweed?  Is that what I'm seeing?  Toxic seaweed?!  I expect it to drip off his dome by the time they start talking about UConn."

"Maybe it's a bunch of bacon strips stuck together that eventually grew fur."

"I think he stole that hair from the set of Rome."

"I wonder if it ever comes off with his hat, ya know, like Uncle Lewis."

"It looks like hair thats been dead for centuries."

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