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Hibachi sneaker just the latest in strange endorsement deals

Adidas and Benihana teamed up with Gilbert Arenas to launch a line of sneakers, since it?s well-known that Arenas often shouts ? hibachi? after hitting a shot (no, we?re not making this up).

While this deal is certainly bizarre, it might not be the strangest professional athlete-corporate endorsement pairing.  Here are some others:

  • Fredric Weis with Lipton Tea-bags
  • A.C. Green?s Chastity underwear
  • Julian Tavarez as the signature face for Proactiv Solution
  • Dante Calabria’s Gillette sponsored shaveable sneaker
  • Chris Kaman?s life-size Hasbro action figures
  • Mutombo for Champion’s new line of Industrial Strength Tube Socks
  • Van Gundy as the new face of Magnum condoms
  • Sean Kemp?s ill-fated Invisible Condoms
  • Chris Sabo’s unbreakable Welding Goggles
  • Joe Kleine’s quickly recalled Pizza Hut Stromboli sneakers
  • Victor Page’s personalized line of brooms
  • Mark Kelso and Huffy’s Olympic-sized biking helmet
  • Chuck Finley’s Psycho Wife Repellent Spray
  • Onterio Smith and The Whizzinator ? 
  • Kelly Tripucka’s controversial Velcro Shirts
  • Dan Marjele’s wildly popular Ass Fishing pole
  • Jack Sikma’s waterproof hair straightener
  • Dexter Manley’s short-lived 1-2-3 flashcards
  • Oliver Miller’s embarrassing inflatable Ab Roller
  • Barbaro?s exclusive deal with Elmer’s Glue
  • Shawn Bradley’s bulletproof ‘shoving match vest’ by NorthFace
  • Bob Thorton’s six month stint as the sole face of Nike’s ‘Jump 23’ line
  • Ric Bucher’s specially enhanced 95 SPF Sunscreen
  • Joe Benigno and PETA’s live fish tie promotion
  • Red Bull and their limited edition Joe Torre themed cans
  • Michael Vick’s "Prison Life for Dummies" book series
  • John Runyan’s highly unsuccessful Back FlowBee

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